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Plase REMOVE the following posts:

which contain screenshots ILLEGALY taken from a live webcam broadcast on*******

WITHOUT any authorization, DESPITE Chaturbate Terms of Service, AGAINST DMCA and a written warning in the profile, and are subject to punishment under criminal law.


Considering the images weren’t taken from chaturbate, it means someone else made screen captures, posted them elsewhere, posed as you and told everyone to share their photos.

I’ve removed them simply because I decided to be nice. Regardless of the Chaturbate ‘terms of service’ when you broadcast live to the world through a cam website, the video footage is being rebroadcast through a variety of other websites. Some that have agreements with Chaturbate to do this. So you actually don’t have to be on Chaturbate to see you doing nasty stuff on webcam.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be criminal law, it’d be civil law and you’d have to take the time and money to subpoena me, through Tumblr, then my ISP (which I use a privacy proxy to connect to) and then try to sue me. Which would cost you in upwards of $10,000 since you are in Italy.

So, again, to be a nice guy (because I AM a nice guy) I decided to delete the two posts of you showing off your ragged gaping asshole. But in reality, I didn’t actually have to. So next time you see your big gaping ass-cunt on Tumblr, try being a little less of a threatening asshole who has no grasp of the American legal system. Otherwise the next person might tell you to fuck off.


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Just a note peeps. If you reblog child porn or post it, of ANY kind, and I’m following you, or I see it, I WILL REPORT YOU.


If you’re too fucking retarded to not be able to tell just by looking at a photo, that someone is too young to be in dirty photos, then you’re too fucking retarded to…

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Anonymous asked: Wouldn't you guys prefer a tight asshole to a huge ass loose hole? My boyfriend barely fucks my ass because he likes it tight, opinions?

Tight ass is boring. What can you do with a tight ass? Not a lot, besides work forever at getting it loose enough to fuck. No thanks I’d rather plow an ass that I can be as rough as I want with.

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Anonymous asked: What do you have that's not legal to post¿

Nothing. I don’t browse illegal photos/video, I don’t save them and I report them when I see them. So get lost.