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Long-haired hottie shows off his hot body, big dick and huge gaping asshole! That’s the kind of package there that you write home about! So who all would fuck him? I think he could handle all of us at the same time in that big slack, worn out man-pussy.

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Anonymous asked: A long time ago I stumbled across a gif of a guy getting piledrived in the woods, and the top was extremely brutal. He actually shoved like mud and leaves into the bottoms asshole while fucking him. It was incredibly hot. You wouldn't happen to know what I'm talking about because I can't find it!!


If I’m remembering right, you’re talking about “Paint Ball” with Rafael Alencar topping Leon Knight? Near the end of the scene Rafael takes hand fulls of dirt and leaves and uses his cock to stuff the trash up into Leon’s worn out asshole and then continues to fuck him with the dirt and dead leaves getting pounded up into Leon’s ass. 


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Hot blond college twink shows off his big leathery ass-cunt. He was too shy to show off what he claims is an 8 inch long 7 inch around prolapse. When asked how he got his cunt so big, he said “bed posts, fists and veggies”

Sounds good to me! Nice cunt bro!

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